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Music Production Professionals

Airforce Records is an independent record label and music distributor based in South Africa. We specializes in various areas, including television, commercial, personal, and film. We’re your one stop music and audio production enterprise, operating with the best and latest technology. We have all the equipment and skills needed to make your music dreams a reality. Get in touch with us today.

Our Services

At Airforce Records you can expect the highest-quality recording standards in our state-of-the-art studio. We are selling Instrumental beats, Mixing, Mustering, Music distribution, Album covers, Websites, Logos and more... at unparalleled rates. You can be sure our experienced professionals will get the job done right.


Recording, mastering, and producing are our greatest passions. With our Mixing services, we’ll help you merge your music arrangements into a single unique sound. The talented production staff at Airforce Records is here for whatever you need. Get in touch today to learn how to start producing music with us.

Music Production

Not sure how to make the album you’re envisioning come to life? Work with our experienced team to shape your sound into something uniquely yours. We’ll work together from start to finish to produce work you’ll be proud of. Contact us to see how our Music Production can help your next album sound amazing.